Argumentative Essay Example

Hello students. I have made this video to help you understand the basic format of an argumentative essay.

Remember when we brainstormed and we did that in class activity where we we went over the different parts of the essay where we talked about plastic cups and getting rid of plastic cups well I took the information that you gave me and I put together an essay to kind of show you how the essay is set up you did most of the work in brainstorming your ideas and I’ve put the essay together for you so let’s take a look at ESA.

The first thing I want you to understand is that all essays have a title have a title that represents the purpose of your essay you should have a very specific title that represents your thesis statement so for example here my thesis statement is about getting rid of the plastic cups so I say you know one way is to stop making plastic cups available to the students and then if you look at the title it says where are all the cups so where are all the cups is kind of associated with the idea that we need to get rid of the plastic cups so certainly there has to be a good title there should be an introduction with background information and thesis statement here I’ve underlined a thesis statement.

Let’s take a look at the background information and let’s see how it connects to the thesis statement okay says here the environmental issues in today’s world are growing more serious by the day as a result it is increasingly important for schools and colleges to teach good environmental habits have you ever seen a student or a teacher take a sip of water then throw the plastic cup away this is not a good habit here at Fujairah women’s college.

I think we must start taking action to lessen our impacts on the environment one way is to stop making plastic cups available to the students so here background here thesis statement and here remember what we talked about in class our thesis statement we need to be asking someone to take an action that’s what an argumentative essay is and here the action is we want the college to stop making plastic cups available so that’s an action we want the college to take now body paragraph 1 remember topic sentence 1 is the first reason why this is true remember the the idea of it because test.

Well I’m going to give a because test here’s my thesis one way is to stop making the plastic cups available to the students in other words one way to protect the environment is to stop making plastic cups because using plastic cups is bad for the environment and because getting rid of plastic cups will be good for the college so this is the this is the first reason this is the first reason why the thesis is true this is the second reason why the thesis is true and that is very very important your topic sentences or the two reasons why the thesis is true.

I’m going to stop making plastic cups available because they’re bad for the environment and because they are good for the college they’re good for the college all right so that’s body paragraph number one is reason number one body paragraph two is reason number two and then we go to the refutation remember I said the refutation is a very different paragraph it’s not like paragraph one and paragraph 2 paragraph 1 gives the first reason and explains it paragraph 2 gives the second reason and explains it the refutation which is body paragraph 3 goes against what other people say against you for example let’s look at the topic sentence many may argue that it is unfair to get rid of the cups after all people need to drink water right then I say something nice like I understand this point of view and then quickly I counter the argument by saying however or on the other hand or using but or some type of contrast word say however instead of using the cups the students can bring their own water bottles which costs very little the inconvenience of the water bottles far outweighs the negative effects on the environments so all this is designed to argue against the fact that many people think it is unfair and I try to say yes I understand but it’s really not unfair because it’s very.

It’s not very inconvenient to bring your own bottle so here’s a key word however here’s a key statement I understand this point of view and many may argue yes they may argue I understand however they’re wrong okay and if you see here I started with another argument others may argue that getting rid of the cups might have a negative impact on the economy so people say two things they say it’s unfair to get rid of the cups I accepted that that was reasonable and I said why they were wrong now I’m going to look at others may argue that getting rid of the cups may have a negative impact on the economy this is a good argument because of nobody’s making the cups then maybe somebody’s out of a job so it’s my job as the writer to counter to go against what other people say so for example others may argue that getting rid of the cups might have a negative impact on the economy again I say something nice.

I can see that this is a concern for everybody needs a job right course everybody needs a job we must however see I’m starting a transition I’m going to say why they are wrong we must however as a country looks look towards sustainable job creation this means jobs that are actually good for the earth this means that we need to always seek ways to create jobs that are eco friendly eco friendly means friendly to the earth like making solar panels or the materials to use wind energy in other words yes the job is not available for the plastic cups but maybe the job will be available for someone doing something more eco-friendly like making solar panels and using wind energy certainly if we invest in earth friendly jobs we’ll be better off in the future so the whole point of this paragraph is to to take the arguments that someone else might say see I said we need to get rid of the plastic cups.

So I have to think and say how will people argue against me so this is what I came up with my first idea was that many will argue that it’s unfair to get rid of the cups others will argue that getting rid of the cups will have a negative impact on the economy so these are the ideas you came up with and I’m trying to show you that you know yes some people may argue this but here’s why they’re wrong that’s the purpose of the refutation paragraph in the conclusion it’s very important that you restate your thesis but in a different way so I said here finally it is clear that cups must go at for general women’s college I made a mistake here the you know I think I meant to say yeah I meant to say to use to use the cups is an old concept that may have been acceptable in the 70s the 80s and the 90s but not anymore we must change our ways and start with the cups here at the college and starting with the cups here at the college is certainly a reasonable start so we’ve got introduction with background information thesis statement a thesis statement that requires an action and we’ve got topic sentence number one which is the first reason why the thesis is true topic sentence number two is the second reason the thesis is true and then the refutation many argue this but they’re wrong others argue this and they’re wrong restated thesis statement finally it’s clear cup the cups must go we must get rid of them.

So I’m restating my thesis okay all right that’s the basics of the format now I’m going to give you the basics of how to develop the body paragraph okay when we go to a body paragraph clearly we have the topic sentence then we support each topic sentence with two main ideas in other words two reasons why the topic sentence is true so I said one main reason is that using plastic bands is bad bad for the environment I’m sorry using plastic cups is bad for the environment first reason is making cups creates dangerous greenhouse gases and then I explained and I detail that information I said it’s it creates dangerous greenhouse gases so here in this blue area I have to explain that and make it important and significant for the reader they have to understand that you know I can’t just say cups are dangerous I need to explain that and that’s called development what you’re looking at here in the blue is development it’s details and information here I move on secondly in other words.

The second reason why cups are bad for the environment secondly as we can see the cups are often not placed in the bin and they end up blown into the ocean this is a serious problem because as the plastics slowly break down into small particles it makes its way into the fish if the fish have too much plastic in them they will surely die so first reason dangerous greenhouse gases second reason the fish will die because the plastics are actually blown into the ocean all these two one two they support the idea that using plastic cups is bad for the environment second body paragraph it is also clear that getting rid of the plastic cups will be good for the college firstly this is the first reason why it will be good for the college the cups are not thrown in the bin and this creates a negative impression or negative image for people who visit the college and then I give examples for example. If you look in the empty classrooms in the afternoon the cups are scattered around the college the floors the desks the hallways this does not give the college a good image with the public who often come to the college and evening for classes so all that that I just read this is all information the first reason why this topic sentence is true and then of course I go to a second reason secondly not having cups available will save money for the college simply put the college will not have to buy thousands of cups use each semester this money can be used to buy books for the library or go on some field trips instead.

So I’m giving the second reason the second reason why it’s good for the college and then of course the reputation as we talked you know many will argue right many will argue however they’re wrong others may argue however they’re wrong and I give reasons why they’re wrong and most of all I addressed the specific argument okay here if they say it’s unfair I have to say how it’s fair if they say others may argue that is bad for the economy then I must discuss why it’s not bad for the economy then in the end I restate the thesis and when that happens there’s a good chance you’re going to have a pretty good essay I hope this helps I’m going to supply you with a soft copy of this essay in Microsoft Word so you can read it and look at it between that and the video you should have a pretty good understanding of how to do an argumentative essay okay ladies I really appreciate your time and efforts thank you.

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