How should you dress when you go to a casino? The question seems silly and yet imagine that in some cities, it happens to see very funny situations. Here is a list of what to do and not to do when you want to enter a casino. If your dress prevented you from accessing a games room, please share your anecdote in comments, it can always help.


  1. I am refused entry to the casino because I am in flip flops! It is true that during the holidays by the sea, there is indeed a banknote dispenser in front of the casino but never a moccasin dispenser!
  2. I had nothing else to wear than a swimsuit! Still the fault of the seaside resorts, why the sea settles next to the casinos?
  3. The bouncer wouldn’t let me in with my wet hair. Doing a red coloring just before is not indicated, red spots on the green carpet it does not!
  4. He arrives in work overalls full of grease and is surprised that he is turned away. He insisted with the security guard, showing him that his hands were clean …
  5. She didn’t want to have her mask removed. Halloween is good, she asks for candy at the entrance, everyone laughs at her, so she casts a spell at the casino, but despite that, she could not enter with her mask and burglar costume …
  6. All naked and all tanned, no comment…
  7. Under the pretext of illness. The world champion of casinos that he is called, but he will never play because his ploy is to pretend that he cannot put on shoes because he has a phobia, and that makes him become a psychopath!
  8. We did not see if it was a man or a werewolf !!! There are things we don’t explain…
  9. Too well dressed, he is categorically refused entry. A three-piece suit, a very clean haircut, well shaved, but what was wrong? This handsome man had to fall back, and he had just attended a sardine barbecue evening! The smell was really infamous.
  10. In good sister’s outfit, she comes back but is accompanied as dry. No doubt a lost soul, the priest caught up with this none just before she could ทดลองเล่นสล็อต  machines. She claimed that she thought it was a place of worship and that penguin bandits were ballot boxes. A few days later, the priest found empty bottles in his cellar…

Now you know roughly how to not dress to the casino, so if you come as you are, that should do it, but you do not order a big mac!

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