Quality of Essay Research

In any case for an essay on change management it’s worth considering whom you could interview who could you survey what could you observe there may be in fact opportunities for first any research which will make your essay richer more interesting and more of a learning opportunity for yourself secondhand research is where you’re going to do you’re going to find most of the information that you need for your essay obviously you should have a good look through your course materials referring to recommended books journal articles and Internet services in any case the greater the quality and quantity of evidence supporting a claim the more we can depend upon it when you are reading that research.

Make sure that you’re reading actively in other words you’re reading at least with a pen or pencil in your hand you’re stopping often to record your thoughts to capture your thinking and then from time to time you summarize the source and you respond to the material and here is an example of summary response notes which you can build up information that you’re gaining from your reading so on a page you of course note down the page number then begin with a summary of what information was relevant on that page and a response in which you link it to your own ideas and to your question notice here that this students been quite selectively quality rather than quantity is going to be most useful when you actually go to write your essay and do remember to include the source information because this is going to help you to reference your work as you write it and in your reference list and as you are writing your notes on those research articles or books do remember two full rules of summary in other words summary needs to be accurate you report what the author means it needs to be objective which means a neutral conveying the source author’s ideas.

It needs to be cited in other words you need a reference to the author the year of publication page etc and it should be translated in other words the summary itself should be in your own words your own pattern of thought that’s going to make it much easier to actually use when you come to do your essay so here is an example of a complete note page aiming for selection of interesting useful ideas and information and a good quality of response in relation to the topic so in your personal response to the material you need to try to ask questions challenge old beliefs either your own or those beliefs expressed in the book create examples of your own reflect about the causes and the effects interpret try to apply those ideas or that research in the book to your own focus your own organization for instance make connections and remember to evaluate strengths weaknesses so once you’ve done your research you’re ready to try to prepare your thesis statements your thesis statement is really the heart of your essay because it contains your central message the main idea you want your reader to understand the overriding point you want to make.