Poodle Dog Breed Information

Poodle Dog Breed Information

Poodle (AKC, UKC)
Group: Non-Sporting

The Poodle is the world’s oldest water retriever, circus performer and truffle hunter. Despite the Poodle being regarded as the national dog of France, the breed is in fact believed to have originated in Germany.

It has subsequently gained universal acceptance as one of the world’s most popular breeds of dog. Part of this popularity is no doubt due to the fact that the Poodle comes in three different sizes and an almost unlimited variety of colours, so buyers can mix and match sizes and colourings to suit their own personal preferences.

The Standard Poodle was the original Poodle breed. A large, strong, active gun dog, he was on occasions also used for pulling milk carts and performing in the circus. Today he is primarily a pet, as well as being one of the most spectacular and noble looking of all show dogs. Originally the Standard Poodle was exhibited in both corded and brushed coat styles, but in Australia only the traditional lion or continental clip are favoured.

Professional trimming is recommended to keep him looking his striking best. 

The Standard Poodle loves to gallop and play, and will happily take as much exercise as you like to give him. High-spirited and full of joie-de-vivre, he is bold and assertive, making an alert watchdog and highly intelligent companion for all age groups.