Fascinating Facts About the Pointer Dog Breed

Fascinating Facts About the Pointer Dog Breed

Pointer (AKC)
Group: Sporting

Every inch a gundog, the Pointer is aristocratic, clean limbed, lithe and muscular. Full of energy, built for speed, endurance and courage.

Named for his instinct to “point” game, i.e. to maintain an immovable stance to indicate game, the Pointer has been in use as a gundog in Great Britain since the 17th Century when he was used in conjunction with hounds to hunt hare.

Pointers are early maturers and puppies as young as 8 weeks will demonstrate the point. 

The instinct to point is so strong that two puppies are reported to have “held the point” on a covey of partridge for an hour and a quarter.

The Pointer’s fine, short, hard smooth coat has a decided sheen and takes a minimum of care. His disposition is kind and even and he makes an ideal companion for the more active family with the inclination to exercise.