University Essay Assignments

The knowledge that you need to have the skills that you need to be able to go in apply to that knowledge and then the application of the knowledge and skills within that particular aqf level so those are the three type descriptors that are important and what you need to be able to do is you need to be able to demonstrate that you know the body of knowledge also you understand the body of knowledge you can talk about it you know the vocabulary you know you know the terms you know the way that the ideas are related together so in our case we’re doing project management and we have a project management body of knowledge. Learn about common essay assignments at Edusson.

This comes from a number of different sources will be studying where those sources are but you need to know and understand what that is and if you were doing another discipline engineering or medicine or tourism or whatever happened to be then you need to know the body of knowledge and understand the body your knowledge associated with that the next thing we need to do is we need to be able to show that we can think about it we have cognition around that body of knowledge that we can think independently we can understand and we can explain it and in particular we can apply that thinking to be able to solve complex problems now what is a complex problem for one person might be a simple problem for someone else but generally speaking if someone’s professional is that if there’s a body of knowledge which a number of people understand then what constitutes a complex problem will be understood by a number of people and recognized as a complex problem when you solve a complex problem you need to be able to do it with judgments.

So judgment means that you’ve got to be able to go in explain how your thinking works and what’s way it relates to the body of knowledge what are the examples that you’re using in order to be able to go in put everything within its con complex context and you’ve got to be able to communicate that to other people some people will be Appius that they’ll understand a lot about what you’re talking about other people may not be your peers in which case you need to be able to understand them how you’ve come together with that judgment how you’ve built it up from the first principles so that’s particularly important and it’s important because you’re working at an IQ f8 level and you going to be assessed that you have the capability of going and doing that the main thing is as I say that you show that you’ve got the critical thinking capacity to be able to understand this body of knowledge and solve the problems and communicate your judgment to other people now in universities there are a number of assignments that you need to be able to do.